How often should I wax my car?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is: how often should I wax my car? And our answer is – it depends. You see, there are several variables that affect how frequently you should go about protecting your car’s paint. The climate, wax applied and car wash products used to clean your vehicle all impact how frequently you should be applying a wax.


The Climate 
Car wax is intended to shield your paint from the elements, especially the sun’s UV rays. During the warm summer months when the sun is at its strongest, your wax will degrade faster. In winter months (especially those of you in the northeast and midwest) snow, ice and salt can quickly strip down a wax finish.


Wax Applied
Car waxes come in many varieties these days. Paste waxes can last upwards of three months and spray waxes about a month. If you’re heading into winter or summer, it may be best to apply a wax product in advance to get maximum protection. Eco Touch Quick Wax will last 4-6 weeks and is your best bet for all exterior surfaces since it can be used on paint, windows and wheels.


Car Wash 
Using the wrong car wash products to maintain your car’s finish in between wax jobs does more harm than good. For example, household dish soaps will strip away wax leaving your car vulnerable to the elements. We suggest using Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash for vehicles that are lightly-moderately soiled to maintain your car’s appearance. Not only is it an effective cleaner, but also leaves a light wax-like coating to help maintain protection.


As a general rule of thumb, here are recommendations on how often you should wax your car


Summer – Every 4 – 6 weeks
Fall – Every 8 – 12 weeks
Winter – Every 4 – 6 weeks
Spring – Every 8 – 12 weeks


Lastly, one easy way to tell if your car needs a coat of wax is the “bead” test. Simply apply a few drops of water to your car’s paint. If you see tight beads you’re all set. If there is no beading or they look flat, you need a coat of wax.


All the best!

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