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Quick Wax, powered by natural beeswax and carnauba wax, offers a simple spray-wipe-and-buff application for those who don‘t have hours to spend waxing their vehicle.


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  • POLISH LIKE A PRO: Our quick wax polisher will really pamper your pride and joy. The coat of our eco-friendly spray-on wax will promote deep gloss and water beading and ensure serious protection for weeks to come.
  • GET TOP RESULTS IN NO TIME: Ever wondered how they make those cars from car magazine look so lustrous? It’s easier than it seems! Due to an amazing ready-to-use water-based formula that is easy to apply and remove our quick car wax leaves a brilliant natural shine.
  • POWER UP WITH NATURE: Carnauba and beeswax are the heroes of Nature when we talk about shine and protection of delicate, coloured surfaces. We have made this formula especially for you and added only best certified natural ingredients that deliver the same results as chemical-based polishers.
  • KEEP YOUR CHILDREN, PETS & PLANTS SAFE: This is a truly eco-friendly product – non-toxic, biodegradable, fragrance-free. You will be able to clean your car anywhere you go and even with your little ones and pets around.
  • TRY WITHOUT RISK: We carefully inspect every product before shipping and use superior quality ingredients and packaging to be sure you will be satisfied. Still, if for any reason you don’t love our cleaner, just return it within 100 days and get your money back – no questions asked!



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5 reviews for QUICK WAX
  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a decent quick spray wax product. It doesn’t come close to the shine, protection and durability of a paste wax, however. I used this on half of my car hood and used my usual paste wax (Griot’s Garage) on the other half. The paste wax side was noticeably richer and deeper (I have a black car) and it felt super slippery to the touch. The Eco Touch side looked nice, but nowhere near as good as the paste wax side.

    However, there’s a catch: it took me about 3 minutes to do the Eco Touch side. It took 20 minutes (10 of which spent waiting for the wax to haze over) to do the paste wax side. So, if you value spending less time and are willing to live with less gloss and protection, this will be a great choice.

    I like that it has no scent – just a touch “waxy” smelling but as close to non-scented as you could probably get. It sprays on easily and wipes off/polishes with little effort. A microfiber cloth is the best choice for spreading and polishing it.

    But, while it may lack some punch when it comes to use on a car, it’s great in the bathroom on ceramic tile. It leaves a light coating of wax that’s enough to help the water bead up, limiting the amount of soap scum and mineral deposits that can accumulate on the tile. I used car wax for that purpose in the past, but it was a major pain getting it applied and buffed. This was super simple.

    While as a car wax – even allotting for the speed of application – I think this merits 4 stars at best. But considering how multi-purpose it is, I think it deserves a 5-star rating. Good for the car; great on the bathroom tile.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sabine Grünbach

    Lovely and doesn’t cause a sticky residue on your hands/towels that is hard to get off, like some wax, makes the car feel nice to the touch, also no harmful vapors, no petroleum

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angela Siegfrid

    A lot easier to apply than paste waxes or protectors. Lasts a long time between applications and ecological.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Camilla Schwartz

    I am very particular when it comes to spray car waxes, especially since I own a black vehicle. The Eco Touch Quick Wax definitely holds its own against many of the other quick waxes and spray detailers on the market. Goes on easy and leaves no streaking behind. The nice thing is that you can use this product on windows too so it gives great beading during rainstorms.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kim Kenny

    It’s been doing nothing but raining & flooding for the last month so our car looked like crap from driving through puddles & getting splashed with water & mud. But it finally stopped raining so my husband took this Eco Touch Quick Wax outside to use after he finished washing the car. He usually uses a paste wax but then complains because it makes the job take longer while you wait for it to turn white so you can buff it off. He loved that this spray wax went on quickly & there is no waiting. He buffed the car with a microfiber cloth & was pretty impressed with the results. He may still use the paste wax once every month or so, but he will use this quick wax much more often. And who knows, I might even use it since it’s so much quicker & easier than the other stuff!
    I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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