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All Purpose degreaser rolls up its sleeves when it’s time to remove grease, oil, dust and dirt from the grimiest surfaces of your car.


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  • REMOVE THE GREASE NATURALLY: Our all purpose degreaser delivers powerful results with a natural blend of ingredients that are tough enough to remove extremely dirty surfaces – insects, tar, bird dirt, rims – with ease.
  • CLEAN EVEN THE MOST DELICATE AREAS: With this cleaner, you are able to remove dirt from under the hood as it does not harm the sensitive car parts that could be easily damaged by rough chemical-infused cleaners.
  • GO BEYOND YOUR CAR: You might have never heard about a car cleaner that could be fit to use at home? Well, this is the time! Our unique all purpose cleaner could be used at home, too and will leave a fresh citrus scent that as an added bonus for you only.
  • KEEP YOUR CHILDREN SAFE: This is a truly eco-friendly product – non-toxic, biodegradable, NPE-free. You will be able to clean your car anywhere you go and even with your little ones around NOTE: The formula includes lemon orange essential oils that are toxic to cats and dogs.
  • TRY WITHOUT RISK: We carefully inspect every product before shipping and use superior quality ingredients and packaging to be sure you will be satisfied. Still, if for any reason you don’t love our cleaner, just return it within 100 days and get your money back – no questions asked!



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5 reviews for ALL PURPOSE
  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alison Christensen

    I tried this solution on my car as well as around the house. I thought it did the cleaning job very well but I did not like the scent. I am using a couple of other Eco touch products and they are all either unscented or have a pleasant citrus odour so it surprised me that I did not like this one. It did not smell any worse than a traditional cleaner, just in comparison to other Eco touch products I liked its scent less.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sarah Bright

    I saw a man in the self-car wash using this product on his engine and only covered his car battery with a shopping bag, yes shopping bag, so I went and asked him about it, because no places out here will wash engines anymore, liability of damaging wires and computer systems on vehicles, so he recommends this product, and I did some research on product, bought it tried it and yes it worked great, very easy and fast to use, engine and underhood came out great. I will definitely recommend this product just have your microfiber cloths ready and a plastic shopping bag to cover battery, that’s all you need.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Emily Schwartz

    To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what surfaces this product was intended for at first glance. However, it is definitely an excellent degreaser for most automotive hard surfaces. To date, I have tried on the engine bay, wheels and even vinyl dashboards and had great success. There is a very faint lemon fragrance which is pleasant. As another reviewer said it doesn’t work on windows (but that is more of a speciality surface anyway).

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dr. Oceanfront

    I try to keep my car as clean as possible, so I don’t get stains on my suits or briefcases when driving to work.
    I agreed to review this product because I seem to be cleaning my car often. 😉

    The first thing I like about this product is it is Eco-friendly. There are no harsh chemical smells, which really makes a difference when you are in close proximity to the items you are cleaning.

    I used this product to clean a few things in my car, but what impressed me is how it cleaned up some grease in the door well very fast.
    I really like this product, and if will be buying more when I finish this bottle.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Darrell Mazon

    Great product and does what was described.

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