How to effectively wash your car in the winter with a Waterless Car Wash

Wintertime is a tough time of year to be a car cleaning enthusiast. Especially if you’re in the snow belt where freezing temperatures can cause the hoses to freeze. Thankfully there are ways to keep your car cleaned and protected by using the right combination of tools and products. Here’s what  you’ll need to get started:


 Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash

 Eco Touch Microfiber Towel Cloths (minimum of 4)


We should start this article by saying that a Waterless Car Wash has it’s time and place. If your car is absolutely covered in mud, salt or sand you need to do a pre-rinse first. The great thing is that Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash  can be used on wet or dry surfaces, so you can continue this article as normal once the pre-rinse is finished.


As you may have noticed, winter grime tends to accumulate most heavily on the lower car panels. You’ll want to work your way from the top of the vehicle downwards. Typically the order in which you should clean is as follows:


Roof ⇒ Hood ⇒ Trunk ⇒ Top Half of Doors ⇒ Lower Half of Doors ⇒ Bumpers and Grill


1) Fold your towel in half and half again, giving you a total of 8 cleaning sides.
2) Start by applying Eco Touch Waterless liberally to the surface. You can even let the product dwell for 15-30 seconds to allow the product have more time to break down the contaminants.
3) Spray a few squirts of Waterless Car Wash directly onto the towel. This will help add a bit of lubricity and cleaning power.
4) Very gently wipe with the towel across the car. Wipe from the front to the back in straight lines. You want to remove the heaviest dirt with the least amount of effort.
5) Flip to a clean side and continue to wipe the panel clean. You can apply more pressure once all dirt and grime has been removed.
6) Continue to work your way around the vehicle in small sections.


As your towel becomes heavily soiled, switch to a new towel. Alternatively you can keep a rinse bucket nearby to wash away heavy grime so you don’t go through as many towels.


Cleaning your wheels and tires can also be done with the Waterless Car Wash. A similar methodology of spray and wipe is all that’s required for these surfaces. If there is heavy brake dust, please use a specialty cleaner such as Eco Touch Metal Polish.


Good luck!

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