It all depends on several factors: size of your car, dirtiness and a number of people cleaning the vehicle. Here are the average estimates:
– Compact: 10 min
– Mid-sized: 15 min
– Large SUV: 20 min

One of the options is to run the car to a self-serve wash and knock off the heavy soils. You can then follow-up with a normal Eco Touch® Waterless Car Wash even if the car’s surface is still wet.

It depends on some factors: vehicle size, how dirty your car is, how good you are at cleaning (first time users use more product until they get used to this washing type), if it is the first time your car is being washed with Eco Touch® (the more you use our product, the smaller yield, as the car is covered with protective surfactants). Our average yield is 150 ml per car. Depending on the factors above, you can use from 1/3 to the whole 500 ml bottle.

No, when used properly our products will not scratch the car’s paint. The surfactants (soaps) in our formula help lift the dirt and suspend it from the car’s surface. If there is heavy mud, salt, or sand you will want to pre-rinse these areas first. When wiping the Waterless Car Wash formula from the surface of the vehicle, use light strokes to pick up dirt. There is no need to aggressively rub the formula on the car’s surface.

We strongly suggest you apply our waterless car wash on a cool car panel for optimal results. Since our formulas are water-based they will evaporate quickly if sprayed on a hot car panel. This can lead to streaking if you do not remove them in a timely fashion.

Eco Touch® Waterless Car Wash is an excellent cleaner and protectant for the exterior of the car. However, we also offer other products such as All Purpose Cleaner for cleaning the extremely dirty surfaces, removing hard spots and bugs or extremely dirty wheel cleaning. We also offer Carpet + Upholstery and Dashboard Protect cleaners for interior surfaces as well as other products forming our full range of car care line.

This is a waterless product. Plumbing should not be an issue. You can use it on paint, plastic, rubber and leather with no issues. So, even if you poured the bottle down the drain (even though, we do not advise doing that) it will not cause any problems at all regardless the type of pipe involved.

The Waterless Car Wash does not have a particular odour or perfume.

There are actually many differences between the various waterless car wash products out there. Here are some questions to ask when viewing the vast array of products:
⁃ Water-based or petroleum distillate based formula?
⁃ Full ingredient disclosure on packaging and all CAS numbers on MSDS sheets?
⁃ Does formula contains protective agents (e.g. silicone emulsion, carnauba wax, PEG)
⁃ Is there Isopropyl Alcohol used in the formula?
⁃ Are bottles and sprayers 100% recyclable?
⁃ Can the formula be used on both paint & windows?
⁃ Is the product a private-label brand?
⁃ Where is the product made?
⁃ Are there fragrances or dyes? Are they synthetic or natural?
⁃ Aerosol or pump sprayer?

You should consider all of the above-mentioned factors before making your purchase.

No, even though the Waterless Car Wash removes dirt very effectively, it will not wash off your car’s wax.

Compared to the regular hose and bucket car wash, with Eco Touch® Waterless Car Wash you are able to save up to 380 litres or water every time!

The amount of time between waxing a car depends on several different factors:
⁃ Where you live (warm or cold)
⁃ Type of car paint
⁃ Quality of wax product applied
⁃ Number of hours exposed to sunlight daily

All these variables can greatly influence how long a wax will remain on the vehicle surface. Products such as Eco Touch® Quick Wax can be safely applied once a month without causing build-up on the clearcoat surface.

It is perfect to clean all the greasy hard surfaces of your car, it will also help you to take the bugs off your car bonnet. But there are in fact so many ways where you can use All Purpose – and that’s not only for your vehicle. We have also tried using it for showers, sinks or the oily surfaces in your kitchen. It is extremely helpful for cleaning your extractor.

Dashboard Protect does not contain chemical UV filters, but it contains natural carnauba beeswax, which is a natural, harmless UV protectant.

It depends on the inside temperature of your car but generally it takes about 1 hour.

Our cleaner is water-based cleaner.

We do not use strong, toxic fragrance. It smells clean, natural and fresh.



All of our products expire 3 years from the date of manufacturing.

None of our products are tested on animals. They do not contain animal-derived ingredients. We use only certified plant-based ingredients. Products should not harm animals, based on the ingredients, but we advise you to be aware when your dog or cat is around when you are cleaning because some natural ingredients can be irritating for animals.

We have lots of other FAQs in our expanded section that can direct you to a variety of categories. We have answers for everything from how to properly use your own Eco Touch® products to the terms and conditions of the shipping and payments. Please help us manage email volume by visiting the rest of our FAQ section before sending a message to the Eco Touch® Customer Success Team. If you have an inquiry that has not been addressed, we will be more than happy to answer.


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